There are many holiday traditions, one of the most complex has to be spraying down small trees with a mixture of adhesive and fibers to satisfy our desire for a white Christmas. That’s what’s happening when you cover a Christmas tree with artificial snow, otherwise known as flocking. And yet, when decorated and lit up, there’s something beautiful and warmly nostalgic about a well-flocked Christmas tree.

Flocking is only available at our Middleburg tree lot

Flocked Christmas trees are $12 per foot additional to the price of the tree.

We offer:

  • Heavy Flock: No green showing
  • Medium Flock: With green needles showing
  • Light Flock: A light white dust over the tree

How it works:

You pick out your tree and it will be Flocked and ready for pick-up within 1-2 days, as long as the weather permits


You can choose a tree that has been pre-flocked and will be available for same-day pickup.