Wholesale Christmas Trees

Our trees are harvested as close as possible to your delivery date, so that your tree is not only beautiful, green and supple, but you can even smell the evergreen freshness of the forest! That is what your customers want. This practice has always produced customer loyalty.

The day our trees are harvested, they are brought into our 62,000 square foot warehouse to allowing us to get them into a cool, protected environment, where they are safe from the harmful effects of the weather. Then they are palletized or loaded by a conveyor belt to their truck for delivery to you.

At Severt’s Tree Farm, we have had years of experience to perfect our procedures to ensure that your trees are loaded quickly, to get to their destinations in a timely manner. We promise to work diligently to fill our trucks and provide you with real time information, once your trees are en-route to you.

We seek to serve those who want the best for their loyal customers. With our individual service, you can assuredly tell your customers about the special Christmas trees you order from Severt’s Tree Farm, which are the freshest and most fragrant trees found in your local market.

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