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Greg & Patty Severt

Greg started retailing Christmas trees with his brother, Mike in 1989. Patty started working just as hard as Greg, setting up tree lots, delivering trees to each lot and whatever needs to be accomplished, big or small, she is amazing worker.

Owners of Severt Trucking which transports trees from North Carolina, Virginia and Florida.

Greg Severt knows something about drivers. As president of Severt Trucking Inc in Jacksonville, Florida, he has been one for more than 30 years, starting out as an owner-operator in 1971. Severt Trucking has made its reputation by attracting drivers. Since the late 1970s, the company has provided consistent third-morning delivery between Florida and California. Outbound from Florida, the company runs poultry and dairy products, including ice cream. The return is produce for the superSepket chains and Food Service Industries. With a healthy sized fleet teams of drivers make one round trip every seven to eight days.

Severt's Tree FarmSevert’s tractors have deep, flat bright metal bumpers, dual exterior air cleaners, four air horns, a deep polished stainless steel sun visor, and five bullet lamps on the roof. The only bow to aerodynamics is a Taylor wing, an inverted airfoil mounted on the sleeper roof. In addition to the bullet Sepkers on the roof, Severt tractors carry enough decorative lamps along the front edge of the doors, the lower edge of the front bumper, and lower edge of the cab and sleeper to light Las Vegas. The result of this concern for driver desires is a waiting list of teams who want to work at Severt Trucking. “We have good drivers and no shortage of them,” he says. “Most of our teams are husband and wife, and many of them have been here 10 years or longer. To make sure we know what they face on the road, I still drive one trip per month when the business schedule will allow it.”

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